Protect Your Foundation from Hot, Dry Summer Weather

protect your foundation from cracks like this one.
Summer of 2018 promises to be a scorcher here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Knowing how to protect your foundation from hot, dry weather ahead can help you avoid costly foundation repairs.  Here are some simple things every homeowner in the DFW area should keep in mind as we move into the dog days of summer.

The first time the mercury climbed above 100 last year was on June 23.  And in 2016, we stayed below the century mark until July 22!  This year, meteorologists are predicting that we’ll top 100 before the end of May!

That means your home’s foundation will be subjected to hot, dry conditions for an additional month or more than is normal.  Here’s how to protect your foundation this summer.

How Extreme Heat and Drought Affect Your Foundation

The soil in the DFW area is referred to as “expansive” because of the high amount of clay it contains.  Expansive soil acts like a sponge that expands when exposed to water and shrinks as it dries out.  As we move into the hot, dry summer months, moisture from the spring rains evaporates from the soil around your home’s foundation, causing it to shift.

How to Protect Your Foundation

A regular watering program is the best way to protect your home’s foundation from being damaged by drought.  According to the National Foundation Repair Association, “By keeping the moisture content of the soil under the house foundation constant, foundation movement can often be stopped. This has been written to assist the homeowner in performing a simple foundation repair preventive maintenance program.”

How to Water Your Foundation

The best way to water your foundation is by using a soaker hose, not a sprinkler.  Place the soaker hose one foot away from the foundation, not directly against it.  If the soil around your foundation is extremely dry and cracked, placing the soaker hose directly next to the foundation can cause water to travel through the cracks and accumulate beneath the grade beam which supports your exterior walls. This can cause the soil to become unstable and the foundation to sink into the ground.

How Often to Water Your Foundation

The summer months are the hottest and driest of the year here in the DFW area, so you should plan to water your foundation daily to ensure it remains consistently moist to a depth of a few inches.  If the watering program only dampens the surface of the soil, it won’t work, and you could be looking at repairs.

If watering to protect your foundation sounds expensive and inconvenient, consider the alternative!

Do You Already Have Foundation Problems?

If your home already has foundation problems, the hot summer months can cause them to worsen.  Call Atlas Foundation at 817-478-1181 to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.  You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re working with a BBB A+ rated foundation repair company that’s been serving Fort Worth and the surrounding communities since 1958.

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