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Watering Program

Watering Program Watering should be done with a soaker hose. The hoses should be placed approximately 12″ away from the foundation. Hoses should be placed around the entire perimeter, except where driveways and patios are located. Watering should start in the spring. The foundation should be watered once each week, if it hasn’t rained that week.

As summer progresses and several weeks pass without rain, the foundation should be soaked every three days. If hot weather persist, the foundation should be watered every other day.

 The Good Contractors Organization

 The Good Contractors Organization is on a Mission to CHANGE the Contracting Industry through 

“We are so proud of our contractors! We can only change an industry if we pick the right people to be on the team. We can’t guarantee that you will have the perfect experience every time, because anything can happen in this world, but we will guarantee that the final product will be quality and the contractor will be held accountable to deliver as promised. If the contractor fails to do what they were contracted to do, then WE wil pay up to $10,000 out of our own pockets to fix the issue. We believe this is the example of TRUE accountability and responsibility!” 



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To our valued customer,

We appreciate you taking an interest in our company. We understand foundation repairs are a big investment and are currently offering several options to help make them more affordable.

6 Month or 12 Month True Same as Cash Programs:

  • True same as cash program: no payments, no interest and the application is filled out over the phone.
  • Unsecured loan- no lien applied to mortgage.
  • Customer can choose between 6 or 12 month options.
  • At the time of the application: the customer will be given the interest, payments and terms of repayment if the customer fails to pay off the balance on time.
  • Will have results in 10 minutes.
  • No prepayment penalty.

5-Year or 7-Year Reduced Interest Loans – 6.99%:

  • No prepayment penalties.
  • Fixed rate: rate will not change if payment is made late but late fee does apply.
  • Choose from a 5 or 7-year re-payment term.
  • Allows for a low monthly payment. The application is filled out over the phone. The process is fast and simple.
  • Minimum loan amount is $3,500.00

If you have questions regarding any of our financing options, please contact our office at 817-478-1181. We look forward to working with you in the future.