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Empty office space in Dallas Fort Worth Texas awaiting return of employees post-COVID-19 and all the foundation concerns that could have happened over the last two years as office space in DFW Texas just stood empty and how Atlas Foundation should check office buildings for safety and readiness.
As people start returning to work, you might be looking for a new office space. While homeworking has never been more popular, there’s still something rather special about working in an active environment surrounded by your colleagues. It’s no secret that people are eager to get their lives back to some sort of normality! Whether […]
Don't put a bandaid on the cracks in your concrete foundations be sure to contact Atlas Foundation of Fort Worth Texas before your home or office foundation create real problems.
In the summer months, homeowners can experience several problems when it comes to their foundations. Living in Texas, this does not come as a surprise.  Summers are hot and dry.  With this weather comes the risk for your foundation. As foundation repairs contractors, we have outlined some of the key areas that you should be […]
Big red For pickup Atlas Foundation repair pickup truck.
When it comes to carrying out foundation repairs on your property, hybrid pilings are a key element to consider. If you’re not already familiar with the process, they combine the strength and depth of a steel piling with the cost efficiency and sustainability of concrete piling – so you really do get the best of […]
Atlas Foundations recommends watering your concrete slab foundations during the Summer. A watering program for your home's foundation is extremely important in the heat of Dallas Fort Worth Texas.
Growing up in Texas, you’ll be no stranger to the concept of watering your grass. In a state where constant changes in climate occur, it’s crucial that you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw at you. Whether you’ve owned your home for years or have bought a more recently constructed home, looking after your […]
Use the Winter months to hire Atlas Foundation to do all of your Dallas Fort Worth foundation repair work.
Homeowners can experience many problems during the time they live at a property. One of these problems is the appearance of cracks in the interior and on the exterior of the home. When this happens, the homeowner must decide when the best time of year to get these problems fixed would be. Luckily for our […]
Problems with your home's foundation can devalue the resale value and appraisal of your Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, home and Atlas Foundation can repair your home's foundation.
When you are looking to sell your home, you want it to get a high valuation and make money back from the sale. However, our homes can be devalued by the condition of our foundations. Both the indoors and outdoors of our homes can go through a lot of wear and tear that can slowly […]
Your offices and company make many first impressions. The safety and fitness of your corporate building's parking lots and pathways can be both a better first impression but can also help with the safety of your employees and visitors. Contact Atlas Foundation to repair your Dallas Fort Worth sidewalks and parking lot.
First impressions count, especially in business. That’s why your business needs to maintain the outside of your premise, you want your new customers to build a first positive judgement. Parking lots A smooth journey to the business location can make all the difference to your customers, that includes getting their car parked with ease. Using […]
Broken bricks in a pathway sidewalk is why should concrete levelling be at the top of commercial or home your to-do list so call Atlas Foundation of Dallas Fort Worth, Texas
When we have visitors to our homes, we want them to be safe and have fun, but when we have uneven concrete that fun can be cut short when a loved one trips over an uneven surface. Concrete lifting should be at the top of your to-do list for several reasons, we have delved into […]
The heat of Dallas Fort Worth Texas will crack your foundation so be sure to add a watering program during your Summer months and Atlas Foundation Co., Inc., can help.
Interior and exterior cracks are a common issue we face here in Texas as we experience hot dry summers. When we begin to notice movement, it is essential to stop and / or correct it before more problems follow. We’ve put together some tips to keep your foundations healthy year-round. Water your foundations regularly Watering […]
Atlas Foundation put together our expert knowledge on foundation repair and published the pros and cons of each house foundation type. There are four different types of house foundations: Concrete slab, Pier and beam, Crawl space, and Basement. Contact Atlas Foundation Co., Inc., of Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, for help, since 1958.
For many of us, we don’t think about the foundations of our new home in the buying process but this is something we need to consider when buying in Fort Worth. We’ve put together our expert knowledge on foundation repair and published the pros and cons of each house foundation type. There are four different […]

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