Why Do I Need a Plumbing Test After a Foundation Repair?

leak discovered during plumbing testOne of the most common questions homeowners ask when having their foundation repaired is “Why do I need a plumbing test?”

A reputable foundation repair company will perform a hydrostatic plumbing test after any major slab foundation repairs are performed to ensure that there are no water leaks which could further damage your home.

Foundation problems can cause parts of your home and its plumbing to shift. Likewise, foundation repairs require that your home and in some cases its plumbing to be moved back into alignment. Both the problems and the repairs can cause plumbing pipes to leak or break. In some cases, a plumbing leak can actually be the reason foundation problems occurred in the first place. If a structural engineer oversees your repairs they will require a plumbing test be performed after repairs.

Why are post-foundation repair plumbing tests required?
Foundation repair contractors require plumbing tests to ensure that any pre-existing leaks or leaks caused during the repairs have been found and corrected for the following reasons: Leaking and broken water supply pipes and sewer lines can lead to additional foundation problems. They can also present a health risk to your family. Standing water can attract insects and lead to mold and mildew problems. And leaky and broken sewer lines can result in unpleasant odors and worse.

For all these reasons, foundation repair companies require that a plumbing test be done and that any problems found during the test be properly fixed before warrantying their work.

Hydrostatic Plumbing Tests and Foundation Repair

What is a hydrostatic plumbing test?
A hydrostatic plumbing test is a very specific type of test that places the home’s entire sewage system under pressure and allows the plumbing contractor to identify even the smallest of problems.

During the test, a flexible, inflatable ball is placed in the home’s main sewer line cleanout and one toilet is removed. The ball is then inflated to the point where the sewer pipe is completely blocked, and the home’s sewer system is then filled with water up to the slab level. If the plumbing contractor isn’t able to raise the water level in the sewer system to slab level or if the water level reaches slab level but then drops within 15 minutes, leaks are present somewhere in the sanitary sewer system.

Most houses built after 1970 have a sewer cleanout located outside the home. If your home doesn’t have a cleanout, the plumbing contractor can remove a toilet located on your home’s lowest level and perform the test or a cleanout can be added.

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Don’t take chances with your home’s foundation
When it comes to foundation repairs, you can never be too careful. If you suspect your home’s foundation may be in need of repair, you should have it inspected by a reputable foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. Worried about the cost? That’s no reason to put off dealing with the issue. If your home does have a foundation problem, it will likely get worse and the cost of the repair will only increase as it does.

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