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Foundation Repair Emergency

How to Avoid a Foundation Repair Emergency

Remain Calm. Don’t panic.

There is nothing scarier than looking up and seeing a crack that wasn’t there before. Then you start to look around and realize there are other problems as well. First, instinct may be to panic and jump to the worst-case scenario. However, you do have time to slow down and take a deep breath. It is important to have the foundations checked as soon as possible but you don’t have to worry about your house falling down around you. Don’t allow the fear of a Foundation Repair Emergency cause you to make a decision you may regret down the road.

Foundation repair emergency

Schedule Your Foundation Repairs

Once you receive an estimate you will want to schedule the repairs in a timely manner. Everyone is guilty of a little procrastination sometimes. We wait until the last minute to clean the house before guests arrive, finish a work or school assignment on the day before it’s due, or not get the car inspected until the last day of the month. We might even procrastinate on a home repair that we are apprehensive about, thinking it will be really expensive and a large inconvenience. However, there is one major home repair that you don’t want to put off for a long time—repairing your foundation. Waiting a long time to fix your foundation may cause more problems and bigger problems later on. By fixing your foundation early on you can avoid cracks and damage that will make you fear you are experiencing a foundation repair emergency. It’s not a rush but this is one time when you need to be proactive and call a reputable foundation repair expert like Atlas Foundation Company in Fort Worth at the first signs of concern.

Protect Your Investment

Waiting to fix your foundation can lead to multiple types of damage. Having it repaired in a timely manner will take away your fear of a foundation repair emergency. Cracks may increase and spread, and the entire structural integrity of your home can be compromised and cause unsafe conditions. If you suspect you have foundation issues, continue reading for more reasons why foundation repairs should be at the top of your priority list. Then contact the foundation experts at Atlas Foundation Company for a free estimate.

The Longer You Wait, the More Problems Will Grow

What begins as a small problem can multiply and grow into a huge problem, with more expense, more damage, and longer repairs. A weakened structure can cause a domino effect throughout an entire house. Not only will the foundation repairs get more extensive, but there may be more follow up repairs needed to fix any interior damage. Also, by calling Atlas Foundation Repair at the first signs of problems, you have more flexibility and grace time if they are booked out with other clients and can’t get to your repair immediately. If you wait too long to call, scheduling delays due to the high demand of reputable foundation repair companies will be frustrating and increase the chance of continuing damage due to a foundation repair emergency.

Water, Water Everywhere

Foundation problems are often linked to water problems. If you wait too long after the first signs of foundation issues, you run the risk of the shifting foundation leading to broken pipes and plumbing problems. Water and sewer leaks can wreak havoc underneath a foundation. Plumbing leaks can also be very costly to repair.

Leaky water pipe foundation problems

Tougher Resale

It’s not rocket science to know that a home with current foundation problems will not be as desirable as a home with a foundation repaired and warrantied by a trusted foundation repair company like Atlas Foundation. Also, potential buyers may struggle to procure a home loan for a house with a damaged foundation. Mortgage companies will want to see proof of repair.

Higher Utility Costs

Your air conditioner will need to work harder to keep your home cool in the summer if you have a lot of air leakage due to structural cracks and separations. Conversely, cold air seeping into your home in the winter will have you spending more money to heat it.

Avoid a Foundation Repair Emergency

Preventative maintenance and early intervention are the keys to keeping your foundation in tip top condition and avoiding a foundation repair emergency, which can be more extensive and expensive. Atlas Foundation Company offers free estimates and expert inspections. If you need repairs, you can expect a dedicated on-site foreman overseeing your project from start to finish. Each foundation repair is backed by a transferable lifetime warranty. Don’t wait for more problems! Contact us at 817-478-1181 today.

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