Prevent foundation problems

6 Ways to Prevent Foundation Problems

While a strong family bond gives a home and those living inside a strong support foundation, it is also important to take care of the physical foundation of your home. Foundation settlement and cracking can cause structural damage to your home. Repairs can run several thousands of dollars. However, being proactive can help keep foundation issues from occurring, or at least keep damage to a minimum. Here are some tips to prevent foundation problems.

Prevent foundation problems

Water Management to Prevent Foundation Problems

It is important to keep the soil around your foundation moist. If the soil gets too dry, it can shrink and cause your foundation to become unstable and crack. Water the perimeter of your foundation using a soaker hose, or specially designed irrigation/sprinkle system, especially during the drier months. However, it is important to keep excess amounts of water from sitting around your foundation. This causes the opposite problem; with too much moisture the ground expands and puts pressure on the foundation. Don’t water too much, and don’t allow extra water to pool near your foundation in order to prevent foundation problems. Maintaining a consistent moisture level around your foundation consistent will prevent excessive shrinking and expanding.


As mentioned above, too much water near your foundation can cause foundation problems. Prevent foundation problems by ensuring that water drains away from your house. Installing gutters, French drains, and other drain spouts can help prevent foundation problems.

Grading to Prevent Foundation Problems

The ground surrounding your foundation should be graded away from your home. That way, water does not build up right against your foundation and drains away.

Plant Wisely

Trees and shrubs planted too closely to your foundation can affect the moisture levels. The plants may fight the foundation for any present water. Also, by keeping strong roots away from the foundation, you will help prevent foundation problems from happening. As a general rule of a green thumb, don’t plant trees and large shrubs within two feet of your foundation.

Prevent foundation problems

Know Your Foundation

Be observant. If you see any small, visible cracks, get them fixed before they get bigger and cause bigger foundation problems. Also, if a small crack returns after being repaired, it may be a sign of a larger issue.

Fix Plumbing Issues Promptly to Prevent Foundation Problems

Many plumbing systems are placed directly under foundations. If you notice any plumbing issues, have them fixed quickly before they grow into larger problems. For added security, you can have your plumbing and sprinkler systems inspected by a reputable company such as Atlas Foundation every two years for leaks.

Every Home Needs a Strong Foundation

A little prevention now will help save you from costly foundation problems later. If you suspect you have foundation problems like cracks or movement, you can trust Atlas Foundation Company for expert repairs and advice. In business for over 50 years, Atlas Foundation is a top provider of foundation repair in the Greater Fort Worth area. Our friendly and knowledgeable crews will provide the high quality repairs you need. Contact us at 817-478-1181 to schedule a no-cost estimate.

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