Your Summer Foundations Checklist from Atlas Foundation Co., Inc.
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Don't put a bandaid on the cracks in your concrete foundations be sure to contact Atlas Foundation of Fort Worth Texas before your home or office foundation create real problems.

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Your Summer Foundations Checklist

In the summer months, homeowners can experience several problems when it comes to their foundations. Living in Texas, this does not come as a surprise.  Summers are hot and dry.  With this weather comes the risk for your foundation.

As foundation repairs contractors, we have outlined some of the key areas that you should be paying close attention to throughout the summer.

Detect any cracks on the building

Cracks are often the first visible signs of damage caused by foundation movement. We’d recommend checking both the interior and exterior of your home for any cracks that are larger than hairline and opening up. Inside, make sure you’re looking at your fireplace bricks, sheet rock, and floorboards. When it comes to looking externally, be sure to check all bricks and around doors and window frames.

Check out your watering systems

The dry weather conditions can cause big issues with your foundations – which means you should always be on top of your game. Make sure that your current watering system is running correctly. When the temperature in Texas gets hot, the soil will dry out and shrink which will cause movements in the foundation. By being proactive and watering your foundation regularly, will help keep the moisture at a consistent level.

Monitoring for plumbing leaks

It is also important to monitor your home for plumbing leaks.   If you notice a rise in your water bill or water coming out from under the slab you need to have a hydrostatic test performed immediately and repairs made.  Plumbing leaks left unchecked can and will wreak havoc on your home’s foundation.

Doors that stick

Doors are something that you use every day. This makes them easy to monitor for any changes. Doors that stick when opening, locks that are hard to use and doors that swing open or closed by themselves are a good sign that you have foundation movement and problems.  When experience this problem it is always good to have your foundation checked.

If you require any further advice on how to make your property safe for summer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. With decades of industry experience, we’ll be able to help you efficiently and affordably.