Why the Fort Worth Winter is a Great Time for Foundation Repair Work
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Use the Winter months to hire Atlas Foundation to do all of your Dallas Fort Worth foundation repair work.

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Why winter is a great time for foundation repair work

Homeowners can experience many problems during the time they live at a property. One of these problems is the appearance of cracks in the interior and on the exterior of the home. When this happens, the homeowner must decide when the best time of year to get these problems fixed would be. Luckily for our homeowners, there is never a bad time to take the initiative and fix your foundation.

As we settle into our cooler months in Fort Worth, we want to remind you that Winter is still a great time to complete your foundation repairs.

No Ground Movements

During the winter months in Texas, we have lower temperatures and rainfall which tends to lessen the amount of foundation movement.

During the cooler winter months, the ground remains relatively still, making it an ideal time to complete work.

Great stability

We can expect great stability from foundation repairs during the winter months.  Due to the reduced heat and rain, the ground is softer, allowing pillings to be pushed to maximum depth.

Ready for peak business

For many seasonal businesses, winter can be a quieter time with fewer customers coming in and out of the premises, making it the perfect time to undertake work and repair any concrete faults. This can reduce disruption and hazards during your busiest months.

If you notice uneven concrete or cracked foundations, there really is no best time of year to resolve these issues, get a contractor on-site as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to your property. Our team of highly trained concrete contractors are on hand all year round to help homeowners and commercial businesses with their foundation repair needs.

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