Why watering your foundation is important

5 Facts You Need to Know About Watering Your Foundation.


cracked soil near a home foundation

1. Sprinkler systems are not enough.

Almost all homes in North Texas show some sign of minor movement also known as settling. This area is notorious for clay soil and it can wreak havoc on your foundation if given the chance. The best way to maintain your foundation and prevent future movement is to properly water your foundation. Many home owners assume a sprinkler system is adequate to water the foundation but we have found in our 60 years of experience that it is not.

2. Maintaining soil moisture content is important.

This simply means making sure the ground around your foundation is not too dry and not too wet. In hot dry months the soil will shrink as water evaporates. In cool wet months the soil expands. This movement puts stress on the slab and can eventually lead to more serious problems. By maintaining the moisture content, you can help control the constant flux of your foundation.

3. Drip irrigation systems work best.

Texas A & M AgriLife recommend you create a dedicated irrigation zone around the house for watering the foundation. If you have an irrigation system, create a dedicated irrigation zone for your foundation. Install a drip irrigation zone about 8 to 18 inches from the foundation.

4. In dry years, you will need to water year round.

Consistency is the answer and every home is different. The National Foundation Repair Association states that during persistent hot dry weather, it may be necessary to water a foundation daily. Watering should supply enough water to keep the moisture content in the soil under the foundation constant. If the amount of water applied is only enough to keep the surface damp, the watering program will not work.  Cooler temperatures do not always guarantee an increase in rain.

5. Watering is not always enough.

Each home is different and a consistent watering schedule does not guarantee your home will never move. If you begin to notice damage including brick cracks, doors sticking or separation around your doors and window frames you may be in need of
foundation repair. Please contact us at 817-478-1181. With over 73 years of combined experience, one of our owners will personally come out and give you a Free No Obligation Estimate.

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