How can I recognize signs of foundation movement?

3 easy steps to determine if it is time to seek out a foundation repair expert.

effects of foundation movement1.  Check doors:

Doors sticking are often times the most obvious indicators of foundation movement. If you have lived in Texas for long, more than likely you have noticed this at one time or another in your own home. It is important to catch this issue before a door will no longer shut. A great way to check for this problem is to look at the distance between the door and frame when the door is closed. If there is more of a gap on one end then the other it is time to have your foundation checked by a foundation repair contractor.

2. Foundation movement causing interior cracks:

Many times people mistake small hairline cracks to be signs of a more serious problem. These cracks tend to appear in the joints where two pieces of sheet rock meet. There will always be minor soil movement in North Texas and these joints tend to be more susceptible to normal settling. There is not much you can do for these cracks but continue to monitor them. If you begin to notice cracks running diagonal, regardless of the size, above a door or window it is time to have your home evaluated by an expert. These cracks indicate a certain type of deflection happening in your home. In most cases, (but not every instance) having your foundation fixed will eliminate these types of cracks in the future. When the home is repaired correctly, the cracks will close and can then be repaired and painted over.

3. If you are seeing slab cracks:

Slab cracks tend to go unnoticed until new flooring is being installed. We receive countless calls from homeowners concerned with cracks in the slab they noticed when pulling up carpet. Regardless of how strong your slab is, small slab cracks (1/16”) are inevitable. There is not way to correct these and we recommend moving forward with your project.

When you are dealing with your home it is important to be safe, not sorry.

If you have concerns about issues you are seeing, we recommend having your home checked by a foundation repair specialist. With over 74 years of combined experience, one of our owners, will give you an honest assessment of your home’s needs. We only provide you with a free estimate if repairs are truly needed.

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