Do I Need a Foundation Repair Permit?

What does a Foundation Repair Permit involve?

Most cities in the DFW area now require a foundation repair permit. While every city has its own process, most have the same requirements. Below is the step by step process for pulling a foundation repair permit.

1. Obtain an initial structural engineer’s report that meets the city’s required IRC code.

2. Apply for the permit. Some cities release the permit same day while others can take up to 10 business days for approval. Some applications can be done online while others must be dropped off in person.

3. Obtain a final structural engineer’s report to show all repairs were completed correctly. This report is then used to close off the city permit.

4. Determine what type of inspections are required after repairs are completed. Some cities require an open hole inspection while others require the permit to be posted and a final walk through done. Other cities allow the final engineers report to be emailed in.

5. If the city requires it, have the plumbing tested for leaks after the foundation is lifted.

Pulling a permit leaves a paper trail of your repairs and also helps confirm that your foundation repairs are being done correctly and up to standard. Foundation repairs can be shut down if the proper permit is not pulled ahead of time. In order to obtain a foundation repair permit, the company must provide proof of insurance and be registered with the city.

Here at Atlas we handle the permit process from beginning to end, saving our homeowners a lot of time and energy. Please feel free to contact our office to see what your city requires.

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