How to Evaluate Your Concrete Slab Foundation


Evaluate Your Concrete Slab Foundation

The concrete slab foundation is a vital component of your home’s structure. When it gets damaged, it’s only be a matter of time before the entire building is affected. So, it’s important to evaluate your foundation on a regular basis to identify potential problems and call in a
foundation repair specialist to advise on what steps you need to take to remedy the situation.

Common Signs of Concrete Slab Foundation Problems

Cracks in the foundation:

This is usually one of the very first signs that a foundation is under stress. When external and internal elements force the foundation to shrink and expand repeatedly, cracks will form within the foundation concrete. However, not all cracks are an indication of a foundation problem so have a foundation repair professional look at your cracks to determine if they should be a cause for concern.

Separation around doors:

A shift in the foundation creates stress on walls and door joints which often leads to separation and sometimes even cracks. The simplest way to tell if there has been separation is to try closing and then opening any of your doors. If doors that initially opened smoothly now need to be forced into the frame, or if some doors are refusing to stay open, then there has been separation.

Sticky or loose windows:

Similar to doors, if your foundation has shifted, your windows are likely show all kinds of problems. Depending on the direction in which the foundation has shifted, a window might refuse to close unless a great deal of force is applied, or it could refuse to stay open. A stiff or loose window is a sign of trouble in the home’s foundation.

Cracks on walls:

Finally, issues with the foundation can also cause cracks in the walls, both internally and externally. Inside the house, pay particular attention to the joints where walls meet the ceiling, doors, or other walls. Externally, concentrate on joints where walls meet other walls, windows, and doors. If there is pronounced cracking, it could be a sign of foundation shifting.

If you live in the Greater Fort Worth area, and suspect there may be a problem with your home’s foundation,
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