The Importance of a Foundation Watering Program in Greater Fort Worth
Atlas Foundation
Atlas Foundations recommends watering your concrete slab foundations during the Summer. A watering program for your home's foundation is extremely important in the heat of Dallas Fort Worth Texas.

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The Importance of a Watering Program

Growing up in Texas, you’ll be no stranger to the concept of watering your grass. In a state where constant changes in climate occur, it’s crucial that you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw at you.

Whether you’ve owned your home for years or have bought a more recently constructed home, looking after your foundation is imperative. A watering program is one way to do this, especially when we experience dry weather patterns in the summer months.

What happens to my properties foundation?

Texas is known for its expansive clay soil which is beneath many of our homes. During the drier times of the year, the soil will begin to shrink. Clay soil absorbs moisture during wet seasons and expands, then shrinks as the soil dries out causing movement beneath the slab.

Foundation repairs are expensive and can cause a lot of damage. By maintaining a consistent soil moisture level, you can help prevent them.

Read on as we look at what decisions you can make to maintain a well-kept property.

What are my options?

Despite what most people may think, a sprinkler system is not enough to protect your home. Sprinkler systems do not allow water to penetrate deep enough in the soil to protect your slab! Our team of experts with decades of experience on the job, recommend that installing a drip irrigation system around your slab that can then be set to a timer to make sure the slab is watered consistently.

“The best thing you can do to protect your foundation is to water it.”

Alternatively, soaker hoses place around the entire perimeter at around 12 inches out from the foundations is something that you should be looking at.

When should I be watering?

While all properties in Texas are different and the land surface can vary, there are some guidelines that you can consider. When we start to welcome the drier months, stick with watering around three times a week for 2-3 hours each time. If it is drought season, and you are noticing changes in your property structure, water every other day for 3-4 hours as this will require urgent attention and an immediate response.

When the colder months arrive, we’d recommend watering around two times a week for a minimum of 2-3 hours. That’s if it hasn’t already rained that week!

If you need any additional support or have any further queries on what a water program might look like for your property, contact our team of knowledgeable experts today!