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I Think I Have A Plumbing Leak in My Foundation. Now What?

Plumbing Leaks and Slab Leaks and Plumbing Tests, Oh My!

With Halloween approaching, we can enjoy the spooks and scares that come with stories and decorations used to create the holiday atmosphere. Haunted houses, scary movies and creepy costumes add to fun feelings of suspense and fright. However, one thing that can give home owners a big fright that doesn’t include a witch, vampire or ghost costume: suspecting a plumbing leak in slab foundation!

A plumbing leak in your slab foundation—also called a slab leak—can be a scary concept. If left unrepaired, it can cause structural damage to your home, costing thousands of dollars to repair. The best way to prevent damage is to know the signs of a plumbing leak, and get it repaired quickly by a licensed plumber. After the leak is fixed and the area is dry, call an experienced and trusted foundation repair company, such as Atlas Foundation, to have your slab foundation inspected for possible damage caused by the plumbing leak.

If you notice any of these signs, you might have a plumbing leak in your slab foundation:

  1. Unusually high water bills without a reasonable explanation for increased water usage
  2. Water pooling in areas inside and/or outside of your home
  3. Damp carpet spots and/or warping hardwood floors
  4. Decreased water pressure from faucets and showers
  5. Visible mold or mildew, or a strong mildew scent
  6. Hot spots in the floor (could be from a hot water leak)
  7. Sounds of water flow or the water heater being on all of the time
  8. Cracks in the floor, especially if water is seeping through the cracks
plumbing leak

Foundation Damage from a Plumbing Leak? Call Atlas Foundation Company at 817-478-1181!

If determined that you have any of the signs, the next step is to check your water meter. After turning off all of your appliances that use water head outside and look at your water meter. If it is reading that water is being utilized even though you have turned off all of the water usage in your home, it could mean that you have a plumbing leak. Whether it’s in the slab or elsewhere, it is important to bring in professionals to perform a plumbing test, locate the leak, and repair it before further damage occurs. Remember, any additional moisture around your home can lead to foundation issues if not addressed.

Plumbing leaks happen when pipes corrode or burst. This can occur over time due to water pressure, mineral erosion, and house settling, when the pipes are located below the slab. Older homes are more likely to have plumbing leaks.

Plumbing leaks don’t need to be scary. Call Atlas Foundation Company at 817-478-1181 after your leak is repaired by a plumber.

Once you are in the hands of a reliable plumber and a trusted foundation repair company like Atlas Foundation, the plumbing pipes will be repaired and the foundation will be leveled with the best materials for your type of home. This work can be expensive, especially if the foundation needs extensive repairs. Again, the earlier you identify a plumbing leak problem, the less invasive—and less expensive—the repairs will be.

plumbing leak
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A plumbing leak doesn’t need to be frightening. A good foundation repair company will be able to recommend a licensed plumber to explain the steps needed to fix the plumbing leak. They repair any damage to your foundation after the leak is fixed, thus restoring your home and protecting your investment. Atlas Foundation Company will walk you through the process, and take the fear out of plumbing leaks and foundation repair.

Call the Best Fort Worth Foundation Repair Company

Do you suspect that you have a plumbing leak in your slab foundation? Leaks need to be addressed or they can wreak havoc on the foundation. Do you need a plumber recommendation and foundation repair? Although we don’t repair plumbing leaks, we are happy to recommend a plumber. Once the leak is repaired and the area is dry, call the experts at Atlas Foundation 817-478-1181 or visit our website. We have served the foundation repair needs of North Texas homeowners for over 50 years. If you live in the greater Fort Worth area, you can trust Atlas Foundation for reliable, honest repair work for your home.


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