Atlas Foundation Explains How Hybrid Piling Works in Fort Worth Texas
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How Hybrid Piling Words

When it comes to carrying out foundation repairs on your property, hybrid pilings are a key element to consider. If you’re not already familiar with the process, they combine the strength and depth of a steel piling with the cost efficiency and sustainability of concrete piling – so you really do get the best of both worlds.

With decades of experience in the industry, our team of experts have figured out how to generate the best results when it comes to getting the job done. We’ve found that by starting out with steel pilings, you can maximize the depth appropriately which later reduces any risks of needing any repairs in the coming years.

You can have confidence knowing that the process of implementing hybrid pilings is very similar to other types of pilings you may have already heard of.

What is the process?

  1. Hand dig two-feet square holes

After identifying each piling location, we hand dig a hole which is roughly two feet square. This is often a straight-forward task, and if there are any obstacles such as plants, these will be relocated to a different area.

  • Installation of the pilings

Following step one, installing the pilings is the next job to do. The first five feet of piling will use a 2 7/8” steel piling pipe. This will then transition to a 6” by 12” concrete cylinder and then be topped with a concrete jacking platform.

  • Start to level

Once installed, the leveling process must take place. Any excess mortar or caulking will be removed to ensure that the property’s bricks can return to their normal positions. It’s important to remember that the lifting process is slow, steady and controlled to maximize results.

  • Additional yet crucial TLC

Once you have followed the above steps, the holes are then filled again. Mortar joints are repaired, windows and doors are caulked, and concrete is replaced. Naturally, if any plants were removed at the beginning of the process, they will be replanted. Lastly, all areas are washed and swept.

Why are these types of pilings needed?

The pilings which we use, as well as the concrete cylinders, are the perfect way to support your property foundations. The steel piling pipe can be driven deeper into the ground than concrete can which is beneficial when carrying out this type of project to ensure the best support is given to the structure.

As the leading providers of hybrid piling, understand the varied soil types across Texas and know the challenges that these can sometimes create. Make sure you make the appropriate decisions when it comes to future-proofing your property and contact us if you require any additional information!