heat causing foundation damage

Is North Texas Heat Causing Foundation Damage on Your Home?

There is an old saying, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” But if you live in Texas, you can also be certain that  it will be hot more days of the year than it will be cold. Really, really hot. Temperatures in the 90s and 100s keep us indoors in the cool air-conditioning or relaxing in refreshing pools. However, it’s important to take some time to inspect your home’s foundation. It’s a necessary step to check: is Texas heat causing foundation damage for your largest investment?

North Texas soil is famous for shifting, and that means it can affect your foundation. The heat dries out the soil surrounding your foundation, making it crack, pull away from the slab, and even sink. All of this indicates that Texas heat can cause foundation problems.

Soaker Hoses are the best prevention from heat causing foundation damage


heat causing foundation damage


Once you buy a home in Texas, whether you have lived here your entire life, or you moved from another area of the country, it is important to learn how to care for your foundation. The best way prevent heat causing foundation damage is to water the soil around your home’s perimeter, and keep the soil moist. Soaker hoses should be placed around your foundation—but not directly against your foundation—and turned on about 3 times a week for enough time to keep the moisture level constant. During times of severe heat and drought, watering may be required more often. Your water bill may increase, but the money you will save on major foundation repairs will be well worth the effort.

Conversely, in the spring and winter months when there is more rain, it is important to make sure that water is draining away from your foundation, and that there is not too much dampness and standing water around your home. Too much water can cause soil growth and shifting, which affects the foundation, too. It’s not just summer heat causing foundation problems in Texas; weather during other seasons can cause damage too.

Is the North Texas heat causing foundation damage to your home? Call Atlas Foundation Company at 817-478-1181 to find out!

When you walk around the outside and inside of your house, look for any indications of foundation damage including:

  • Cracks in the slab, especially if greater than ¼ inch
  • Floors are not level
  • Wall cracks
  • Cracks around door and window frames
  • Sticking doors and windows

If you notice any signs of the North Texas heat causing foundation problems, it is time to call a respected, reputable foundation repair company like Atlas Foundation Company serving Fort Worth foundation repair and the surrounding areas. Not only will they inspect your property and concrete slab to evaluate any need for repairs, but they will also make sure that your soaker hoses are set up correctly, and you are watering frequently enough. If you home does require foundation work, you can trust an ethical approach when estimating the cost of repairs by recommending only the work necessary to correct the problem.

In conclusion, death and taxes will happen, and so will high temperatures in North Texas. Soaker hoses around your foundation are the best defense against heat causing foundation damage—but only if you remember to turn the water on!

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Is the North Texas heat causing foundation damage to your home? Atlas Foundation Company has been serving the foundation repair needs of homeowners in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas for more than 50 years. As one of the leaders in foundation repairs, our qualified and trustworthy inspectors will evaluate your foundation and recommend the best course of action to keep your home safe, and maintain the value of your property. Call us at 817-478-1181 to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation estimate, or visit our website.

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