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Cracks in foundation walls? For honest, ethical Grand Prairie foundation repair, call the foundation repair specialists at Atlas Foundation Company.

We will determine if your Grand Prairie home is in need of foundation repair and recommend the best course of action. Foundation cracks are not uncommon, but it takes an expert to determine the extent the damage and the right corrective action.

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We’re a family owned and operated foundation repair company, committed to your complete satisfaction. Unlike some other DFW foundation repair companies, we stand behind every foundation repair we do with a Free, Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Settling occurs over time, causing foundations walls to crack, so there is no need to panic. But cracks should be examined to make sure your house foundation is structurally sound or in need of repair.

Cracks can be caused by pressure build up around or under your concrete foundation. A crack in a foundation wall is a sign of movement. With an average of 47 tons resting on your foundation walls, the integrity of your walls must be maintained.

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Correcting a foundation problem yourself might be a possibility, depending on the severity of the problem. If our qualified professional considers the problem minimal, he will give you tips and ideas as to how you can take care of it yourself.

On the other hand, if the problem is one that would need professional foundation repair services, he will review all of the options available to you so you know your home is in the best condition possible.

The type of foundation repair needed will be determined by the specific cause of the foundation problems. In a poured concrete foundation wall, the typical crack will run vertically at a slight angle.

This will happen in the first few years after the building of your home. In some cases, this is caused by shrinkage in the concrete during the curing process. This is typically a small concrete repair job to do.

In a concrete block or brick foundation, the route of the crack will tell the source of the trouble and the type of home foundation restoration to carry out.

If you’ve seen horizontal cracks along the middle of the wall, or stair-step cracks following the mortar joints, your walls are vulnerable to lateral pressure. When the ground around your foundation is wet it expands.

When it is dry it shrinks back down. This back and forth pressure will cause cracking and bowing in the wall and constitutes a serious sign of movement in the foundation.

An additional sign of needed foundation repair work is the appearance of vertical or stair-step cracks in a block or brick foundation wall. This is a sign of settlement.

Unstable soil conditions can cause your home to sink down into the ground causing stress on many areas, including your basement walls. With this problem, you may also notice doors or windows that are hard to close, cracks in drywall, and/or cracks in the outside facing of the home.

Of all the Grand Prairie foundation repair companies that you could choose, Atlas Foundation Company, Inc. is one of the most trusted and most established home foundation repair businesses.

An owner or member of our experienced management staff will visit your home in person, and provide you with an estimate of what it will take to complete your home foundation repair.

Our experts are totally involved in the repair process from beginning to end. Call today for a quality Grand Prairie foundation repair estimate!

For honest, ethical foundation repair in Grand Prairie, call the professionals at Atlas Foundation Company today.

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