Foundation Repair Companies Fort Worth

Foundation Repair Companies Fort Worth

Foundation Repair Companies in Fort Worth TX


Atlas Foundation Company, Inc. BBB Business Review

Of the foundation repair companies in Forth Worth TX you could choose to help you with your home foundation repair, Atlas Foundation Company, Inc. is one of the most established and stable DFW foundation repair companies. It takes an expert to tell if any kind of repair is needed, and our company is filled with expertise and experience.

Many foundation repair companies in Forth Worth TX have come and gone since we started serving the Tarrant County, Texas (including Ft. Worth, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield and surrounding towns) area five decades ago. Atlas has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1958. You can trust our company to give you a fair assessment of your need for concrete foundation repair.

The recommended first step for foundation repair is to have a certified foundation repair contractor examine the situation. Obtaining a professional opinion on the causes, costs and available solutions is a necessary step in securing your foundation walls.

The type of foundation repair required will be determined by the exact cause of the foundation problems. In a poured concrete foundation wall, the typical crack will proceed vertically at a slight angle. This usually happens during the first few years after construction of your home. In some cases, this is caused by shrinkage in the concrete during the curing process.

Depending on the circumstances, rectifying the problem yourself is a good possibility. If our trained inspector feels the problem is nominal, he’ll offer tips and ideas for how to go about fixing it yourself. However, if the problem needs the assistance of professional services, he will review all of the options available to you so you know your home is in the best condition possible.

Causes for cracks in your walls can come from several sources, all conjuring up different effects. Cracks may be a sign of settling in the foundation. Cracks can be caused by pressure built up of water around and/or under your foundation, too. A crack in a foundation wall is definitely a sign of movement. With an average of nearly fifty tons resting on your foundation walls, the integrity of your walls must be maintained.

Sinking foundations, cracked and buckled walls and uneven floors are problems commonly faced yearly by some 250,000 homeowners. Homes and other structures built on volatile soils settle when their foundations are subjected to severe moisture conditions or lack proper drainage. A shifting foundation may result in structural damage to your home and a loss of your investment.

    Exterior indications of foundation problems

  • Cracks found in the exposed grade beam of the house
  • Doors that won’t open or close properly
  • Windows that stick
  • Gaps at the corner of fascia trim
  • Cracks in the wall at corners of doors and windows
  • Gaps between the garage door and the pavement at either side of the garage door
  • Cracks in bricks and mortar
    Interior indications of foundation problems

  • Unlevel Floors
  • Gaps above kitchen cabinets
  • Large cracks in the concrete slab
  • Curling and tearing of existing sheetrock repairs
  • Cabinet doors that will not stay shut
  • Diagonal cracks in the wall at corners of doors and windows
  • Leaks and cracks in and around the fireplace

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