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The Importance of Drainage for Foundation Maintenance

If you are a home owner in the Greater Fort Worth area, there is a very important word that you must learn: Drainage. Let’s repeat that: DRAINAGE. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of drainage around your home. Foundation problems in our area are not uncommon due to soil expansion and contraction. Too much water collecting near the slab foundations of homes is one of the biggest culprits for soil expansion and pressure on the foundation. This can cause the foundation to shift and crack. What’s the best way to make sure that the amount of water around the foundation remains optimal? You guessed it…Drainage!

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We’ll explain the importance of drainage a little further. When too much water penetrates the surrounding soil and foundation of your home, it can crack and weaken the concrete. A foundation needs to remain strong in order to support the weight of an entire house. Not only can foundation repairs be costly and disruptive, but the integrity of your home may be compromised until the proper repairs are completed by a reputable foundation repair company like Atlas Foundation. Again, what’s the best way to protect your home against foundation damage? Drainage.

So, now that you understand the importance of drainage, we can review ways to provide the proper drainage for your foundation.

French drain installation

Top 3 Most Common Drainage Systems

  1. GRADING. Grading means that the ground surrounding your home is gradually sloped downwards and away from the foundation. Excess water will naturally run down the slope and away from the house.
  2. FRENCH DRAINS. On a French Drain, perforated pipe is installed under the soil to collect excess water and seepage near the foundation and carry it away from the house. Other drains, such as surface drains and footing drains, are also options. An experienced foundation expert will be able to recommend the best type of drain for your situation. 
  3. GUTTER SYSTEM. Having gutters placed around your roof line, with adequate downspouts directing the water away from your foundation, is a great option for proper drainage. Keep the gutters clear of debris for the most effectiveness.
Keep gutters clear of debris

You can see if your home has proper drainage by walking around the perimeter of our home right after a rain storm. Look for areas where water is collecting. If there is too much water pooling around the foundation, give Atlas Foundation a call at 817-478-1181 for a free, no-obligation quote.

Proper Drainage is the best defense against Foundation Problems

Hopefully, we have adequately conveyed the importance of drainage for the foundation of your home. Protect your family and your largest investment by protecting your foundation from too much water. Proper drainage around your foundation will help maintain your home’s value, and hopefully prevent costly repairs.  What’s the best way to prevent foundation damage? One last time….all together…DRAINAGE!

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